Europa Class Passenger Catamaran

17.8m Catamaran 100 Passengers Europa Rathlin Express Starboard Bow

Combining speed, comfort and an impressive carrying capacity, this proven design has been approved by Bureau Veritas, the MCA and the Irish MSO and can operate anywhere in Europe as a Class B Passenger ship. With spacious side decks, an upper viewing deck and a spacious saloon, the Europa Class is comfortable whatever the weather.

6m Chain Ferry

6m Passenger Chain Ferry Showing Interior

This attractive vessel is a modern interpretation of an old idea, combining classic cheerful styling with modern low maintenance construction and levels of safety and stability. Operable by one person, the vessel uses a crank handle, which pulls her along a chain under the water. Constructed from a CNC cut aluminium kit, this vessel is both strong and light and can carry up to 9 people comfortably. Access is by ramps at either end, bench seating runs along both sides and a bilge pump is fitted to remove rainwater.