Bluefinn Harvester

Bluefinn Harvester Render

Based on the hull of the successful Bluefinn 40, the Bluefinn Harvester is a 12m fast aluminium static gear boat, available in shelter-decked or open-decked versions, equipped for a range of static gear fishing methods such as potting, jigging, longlining and gill-netting. Fitted with a 428kW engine, with a V-drive arrangement to free up space amidships, the boat is capable of 25 knots unladen, and the broad hull carries up to 8 tonnes of catch in a roomy hold, or split between the hold and the main deck.

Paddle Pax



Windfarm Support

20m 12 Pax Windfarm Support Render Sunset


18m Multicat

18m Multicat Render